Fresh Lowcountry Oysters From Our Creek To Your Doorstep In 24 Hours (w/ Free Shipping).

What’s better than enjoying a few dozen super-fresh oysters at your local raw bar? How about enjoying those same exact oysters at home for a fraction of the price.

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than unboxing some of our Lowcountry Cups and shucking them right there on the spot just a day removed from our creek in the ACE Basin!

Need more of a reason than super-fresh oysters and free home delivery? Okay, you’re a tough cookie. No worries, I got ya:

Be the star of the party

What’s cooler: being the fifth person at the party to show up with chips and salsa or being the life of that party by leading a shucking contest in the kitchen? Exactly. Oyster shooters anyone?!

Save on booze

Ever been to an oyster happy hour with $1 oysters? Great deal right? Then why do you still end up with a huge tab at the end of the evening? Simple: all of those salty oysters will have you drinking faster than one of those Real Housewives. Instead of paying triple for that booze why not buy three times as much and invite your friends?

Fresh & delicious for 10 days

You’ll get your oysters 24 hours after they come out of the water but you don’t have to eat them all that day. They’ll stay delicious for about 10 days in your refrigerator making them perfect for a long weekend or vacation.

Chef it up!

We love our oysters raw and recommend you eat at least a few of them that way. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Throw some on the grill, bake some Rockafeller-style, better yet, fry them puppies up and make the neighbors jealous.

The Oysters: Lowcountry Cups

Our oysters, called Lowcountry Cups, are single, select oysters (not clusters). They are plenty salty but have a sweet finish. Here’s some more deets:

Location: Fish Creek, ACE Basin, SC

Size: 3” – 3.25”, consistent round cup

Salinity: High, with water salinity ranging from 20ppt – 32ppt depending on the month and precipitation.

Farming Overview: Lowcountry Cups are raised from local ACE Basin seed in floating cages. The cages suspend the oysters at the top of the water column where they stay out of the mud and have plenty to eat thanks to the 7ft tidal swings.

Once every 4-6 weeks, the oysters are taken out of the water and run through our tumbling machine to knock off the brittle shell and help them develop more meat and a deeper cup. At harvest, Lowcountry Cups range from 6 to 12 months old.

The Farm: Located In South Carolina’s Pristine ACE Basin

The Lowco farm is located about 34 miles south of Charleston, SC in the ACE Basin which is one the largest protected estuaries on the East Coast. Wildlife rules the roost down at the farm with dolphins and bald eagles outnumbering humans. Less people = clean water. Clean water = delicious oysters. As Rowan Jacobsen says in his book A Geography of Oysters:

“An oyster tastes good because at one spot in the natural world, something went right. A great oyster is an estuary flashing a thumbs-up sign.”

Meet Your Oyster Farmers

Lowcountry Oyster Co. is the only South Carolina oyster farm owned and operated by Charleston locals. Trey “Cricket” McMillan and Malcolm Jenkins grew up fishing and crabbing in Mt. Pleasant’s Old Village. 20+ years later they’ve returned to their roots to celebrate the best seafood in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having oysters shipped to your home is a relatively new phenomenon so don’t worry if you’ve got questions! Here are the most common questions we get. If you have any questions not listed feel free to email us at

How are the oysters shipped?

We ship our oysters FedEx Priority Overnight in an insulated box with gel packs that keep your oysters cold and happy.

How should I store the oysters?

After you unbox the oysters you can take them straight to the sink for a quick rinse. You can use a colander or just rinse them right in the mesh bag they come in. After that place them in a large bowl and pop them in the fridge. You can also cover them with a damp cloth to keep them from drying out.

Can I order oysters in the summer?

The “Months that end in R” Rule has caused a lot of confusion over the years. In short, that rule was made in the 1500’s before a little thing called the refrigerator was invented. Now we follow strict guidelines in the summer months to get the oysters out of the water and into the refrigerator within just a few hours. The result? Safe and delicious oysters year-round!

How long will the oysters keep?

We’ve personally kept oysters in the fridge for up to three weeks but we doubt they’ll last that long. Restaurants usually try to serve their oysters within 10 days of harvest which we think is a good rule of thumb. If you notice the oysters starting to open up on their own then they are starting to show some age.

How do I shuck the oysters?

There are lots of different methods for shucking oysters. We recommend shucking the oyster from the back of the oyster (called the hinge). Here’s a good video of a pro shucker walking you through that method.

What kind of oyster knife do you recommend?

We prefer the Dexter-Russell “New Haven” style of knife. You can pick one up for about $10 on Amazon.

Do I need any other tools or equipment?

There are lots of fancy gadgets out there but we prefer to keep it simple with a knife (see above), a glove (something like these), and a dish towel.

How should I prepare the oysters?

We highly, highly recommend you eat at least a few of them raw. That’s the best way to truly taste the oyster. After that get creative. We love to grill them with a little bit of ginger marinade or BBQ sauce. They are incredible fried too!