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Rise'n Brine Tee

Lowcountry Oyster Company, LLC

Oysters don't have very hard lives. As Rowan Jacobsen famously (to us anyway) put it: As an oyster, once you settle into place you "do nothing but breathe, and periodically blow off a third of your body mass in one titanic ejaculation."

Oyster farmers, like all good hard working folks, aren't quite as lucky. We're up with the sun Rise'n and Brine'n to make sure the best oyster on the planet hit your plate at their freshest point. Rise'n Brine is a lifestyle. It's about putting in a good day's work and reaping the fruits (or mollusks) of your labor.

The Rise'n Brine Tee comes printed on a Bella + Canvas blends (they differ slightly based on color choice) but won't shrink much if at all.