SC Oysters Delivered To Your Restaurant 24 Hours From Harvest… (yes, even during the summer)


We are hand-raising the best effin’ oysters in the world right here in South Carolina and we want to get them in the hands of super-talented chefs and shuckers like you.

Here’s how we do it:

ONE.) We get really, really good oyster seed from the best local SC oysters.

TWO.) We raise those babies in the best oyster growing environment in the world – the ACE Basin.

THREE.) We package them up and ship them directly to your restaurant. They’ll be in your hands less than 48 hours after they leave our creek.

That’s it. No middlemen. No worrying about freshness. Just the best effin’ oysters in the world getting served by the best effin’ chefs in the world (that’s you).

More Frequent Deliveres = Fresher Oysters and Zero Waste

Imagine this…It’s early in the week – say Tuesday –  and you are doing your weekly food order. You get to a line on your checklist that says “oysters” and stop to consider your options…

Option #1) Call up the local seafood distributor and be at their mercy

Your rep tells you he’ll be in your area on Wednesday and if they combine a few different farms they’ve got enough oysters to last you through the weekend. And guess what? If you go ahead and place your order now for the full amount you can get a price break. Woohoo!

Fast forward to Sunday and you are serving 8-day-old oysters at a discount because tomorrow you’ll have to throw the rest away. What a shame…

Option #2) Call us up at Lowco and schedule a delivery of fresh oysters every day for the rest of the week

Oysters are best right out of the water and we want to make sure you have them at their best. That’s why we deliver our oysters every day from Wednesday through Saturday.

We’ll work with you to dial in your ordering schedule so your customers will never eat an old oyster and you’ll never have to scrap stock. At the end of the week we’ll add your orders up and give you a price break based on the total of all of the orders, not each individual order.

Option #3) Order oysters from Canada or Washington

Just kidding.

What do chefs think of Lowco oysters?

We just hit the market in May of 2018 but the feedback is already starting to trickle in. Check it out:

Testimonial - Lowcountry Oyster Company

Ready To Join Our #CreektoTable Program?

Getting the best effin’ oysters in the world is simple. Just give us a call and you’ll be speaking directly with one of our farmers who can give you more info on the program and get you setup with pricing and samples.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call!