Support other local farms

The SC oyster industry is small. There are only a handful of oyster farms in the state trying to keep local and visitors alike fat and happy. Compare that handful to somewhere like the Cheseapeake Bay that has almost 300 oyster farms and you can see why we like to support our friends. We know and love everyone here and can 100% vouch for their oysters.

Lady’s Island Oyster Company

Based just north of Beaufort, Frank’s delicious Single Lady oysters are available pretty much all over Charleston and Beaufort. Try Rappahanock Oyster Bar. He’s also produces a fantastic Phat Lady oyster just for The Ordinary which are some of the best oysters we’ve ever eaten.

Barrier Island Oyster Co.

Josh and Jared at Barrier Island Oyster Co. raise one of the prettiest oysters we’ve ever seen. You can usually get your hands on their aptly named Sea Clouds at The Ordinary, 167 Raw, or the Obstinate Daughter. Check them out on social and say hello!

Charleston Oyster Farm

Peter, Thomas, and Caitlyn are the first oyster farm within Charleston’s city limits which means they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the local restaurant scene (and a great commute). They offer two unique and delicious oysters: Stono Selects (wild harvested and finished at the farm) and their Mosquito Fleet Petites (seed to table). You can usually find their oysters at 167 Raw, NICO, and Bar Normandy.

May River Oyster Co.

If you find yourself searching for oysters south of Charleston look no further than our friends Brad, Austin, and Andrew at May River Oyster Co. down in Bluffton. They feature two oysters: their May River Cups are raised from seed in off-bottom cages and their May River Blades are harvested from the natural oyster beds of the May River. Both have chefs beating down their doors for more. Check out in restaurants like FARM in Bluffton or contact them directly to try them yourself!