The tale of LowCo. Oysters' humble beginnings.

Get to know how LowCo. Oysters' founder, Trey "Cricket" McMillan, started farming oysters following a career as a professional fisherman.

We could simply tell you that Founder and Owner Trey McMillan is Vice President of the South Carolina Shellfish Growers Association and South Carolina’s State Representative for the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association, but that’s only part of who he is. He is an avid deep sea fisherman, a lover of The Voice, and, most importantly, one of South Carolina’s best oyster farmers!

Professional fisherman turned oyster farmer, Trey McMillan, is no stranger to the high seas of entrepreneurship! Growing up in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, his summer days were spent fishing and crabbing along the creek adjacent to Pitt Street Bridge, not to mention inhaling oysters at the many roasts held in Charleston. At the time, he didn’t know that 20 years later he’d be serving up some of Charleston, South Carolina’s best local oysters, hand-raised at his own farm in the shimmering waters of the ACE Basin, with a little help from Senior Pawject Manager, Dredge.

How did it all get started?

The gears didn’t really start turning until a 2015 trip led Trey to an oyster farm in Chesapeake Bay. From there, the idea stuck! Founded in 2017, Lowcountry Oyster Company seeks to provide South Carolina with the freshest locally grown oysters year round! Year round? You heard it right. Dispel the myth that one can only consume oysters during the months that have an ‘R’ in them. Since Lowcountry Oyster Company uses sustainable cage farming techniques to grow and cultivate their oysters, you can enjoy the best shuckin’ oysters on the Atlantic Coast whenever the urge may strike!

Sustainable farming practices are at the core of Lowco. Using the latest technology and techniques to hand-raise the best single, select oysters on the planet, Lowcountry Cups not only feed all oyster lovers throughout the united states, but effectively & efficiently filter our waters too!

Oysters truly represent the place they come from. When you take a bite of an oyster from South Carolina’s ACE Basin you are tasting the pristine waters it was raised in. Our goal at Lowco is to make that experience available nationwide and beyond. Order oysters online and have them shipped directly to your door or pick up a bushel from the bearded captain himself. What are you waiting for? Get shuckin’!